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Set 2 Love the podcast is hosted by Shelley Garite, Eva Payne, and Tann Moore. These three friends are all mothers, entrepreneurs, truth seekers, and love teachers. Each week they come together to bring you ideas, strategies, and hope towards increased self-awareness, love and optimism. Their goal is to have 51% of the world, living in 51% joy, each day. They wholeheartedly believe the answer is always found in LOVE and when we Live Open; Value Everything, life is lived fully. Each week the women cover subjects aimed at discovering more fully how to live in flow. Show topics include: identity, shame, love, coping skills, addiction, happiness, self care, parenting, relationships, and the like. Each episode, is personal and real as the ladies dive into wholehearted conversations around their stories of motherhood, being business owners, life and its challenges. They strive to always see the good and find joy in even the most difficult of circumstances.

You will receive many ideas from three various perspectives and perceptions in each show, but always SET 2 LOVE. Take what works, and ditch the rest!

We are SET 2 LOVE!

Oct 18, 2021

Flow parenting is about raising children with an awareness that they come to us whole, full of potential, and with their own unique blueprint. How we guide them, discipline them, and love them will determine how confident they grow up and their ability to flow toward their dreams. #parenting #motherhood #flow



Oct 11, 2021

Self-Care rituals can improve your quality of life. Join us Monday morning to discuss why creating self care rituals are important to your health and growth. Guest Sandy Allende Rodriguez will share her best practices for better self care. Sandy can be found at:

#selfcare #selflove

Oct 11, 2021

We talk about a deeper layer of self care with Becca Ribbing... She's on a mission to help people break out of the cycles of uncertainty and struggle that hold them back. She helps women going back and forth with the big, seemingly endless question of what to do next—so they can stop going around in circles and...

Oct 1, 2021

Self-care practices are vital to our flow and overall health. Today, Eva shares 8 different self care practices that can help you live in more flow.


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