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Set 2 Love the podcast is hosted by Shelley Garite, Eva Payne, and Tann Moore. These three friends are all mothers, entrepreneurs, truth seekers, and love teachers. Each week they come together to bring you ideas, strategies, and hope towards increased self-awareness, love and optimism. Their goal is to have 51% of the world, living in 51% joy, each day. They wholeheartedly believe the answer is always found in LOVE and when we Live Open; Value Everything, life is lived fully. Each week the women cover subjects aimed at discovering more fully how to live in flow. Show topics include: identity, shame, love, coping skills, addiction, happiness, self care, parenting, relationships, and the like. Each episode, is personal and real as the ladies dive into wholehearted conversations around their stories of motherhood, being business owners, life and its challenges. They strive to always see the good and find joy in even the most difficult of circumstances.

You will receive many ideas from three various perspectives and perceptions in each show, but always SET 2 LOVE. Take what works, and ditch the rest!

We are SET 2 LOVE!

Mar 23, 2020

Do you believe there is a silver lining in all experiences? What if you could find the good in a crisis? Today on SET 2 LOVE, we explore how even in the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, we can see opportunity to connect, grow, and love a little more. Let's stay set to love. 



Set 2 Love...

Jun 19, 2019

On this episode of SET 2 LOVE. Shelley, Eva and Tann, ponder the advice they would tell their younger self! The ladies talk about self doubt as a child and our younger self could have benefitted from knowing they were enough at a young age. What were strengths as a child? Did you know? Eva Payne would have told her...

Jun 12, 2019

On this Set to Love Podcast episode, Tann, Shelley, and Eva deep dive into addiction, their own personal stories, and ideas on how to support those we care about. The three main points covered include:

1)What is an addiction? What are the symptoms and fallout?

2) Be proactive and aware of the signs a loved one could...

Jun 5, 2019

On today's show Shelley, Eva, & Tann talk about their takeaways from an interview they listened to with Jameela Jamil and Lewis Howes. The three points that hit home were:

1) Shame can be overcome. The ladies share some of their ideas on how to make this possible.

2) The important of taking care of your mental health...

May 23, 2019

Shelley, Tann, and Eva bring their Mother's Day Take-A-Ways to you as they discuss what they learned over the holiday weekend.

2:00 - How to have an open loving conversation with those you love, even if it means you need to dig deep, and into the past to heal the long overdue wounds from yesterday.

14:33 - Strategies to...